Deep Sea Designs

Beaded Originals by
Sandra Reebie



Jewelry comes in many styles. I create my designs with mediums in natural colors, including beautifully crafted glass beads from all over the world.  My colorful collection of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and Austrian crystal along with sterling silver and colorful glass “seed” beads are combined to reflect the colors of the sunsets, oceans and forests that surround us.

 Creativity is in my genes, and I have always wanted to apply my abilities toward some form of art that people could somehow use. Ten years ago I found myself at a colorful art fair and noticed some beautiful beaded jewelry, and I knew I had found my calling. I immediately went out, bought beads in my favorite colors, along with a how-to book and then started making myself jewelry. Since there are so many different colors and types of beads, the combinations are endless, I made quite an assortment of jewelry. That year I made my Christmas gifts and thought to myself, “I too can sell at those art fairs…”

 So here I am now, a local Santa Cruz County artist, selling at street fairs, art and wine festivals, small local shops, and now online. Though I also work a full time job, jewelry making has been very peaceful and rewarding.